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Structural paste 3D Composite / Smooth texture / different volumes

Structural paste 3D Composite / Smooth texture / different volumes

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  • Water dispersion, odorless
  • Easy to mold, dries quickly
  • Allows you to create large texture objects
  • Waterproof
  • For internal and external work
  • The complete drying time is 48 hours with a layer thickness of 1 cm

Introducing lightweight 3D structural modeling paste! It is ideal for creating incredible 3D relief images and textures on a variety of surfaces. This trend has caught the attention of many artists due to the unlimited creative possibilities it opens up. Whether you are creating large works of art with your own hands or minimalistic textured canvases, this paste is sure to please you. It combines well with canvas: just spread the paste and it dries quickly without losing volume. After drying, you can decorate the work with colors, foil, glitter and also combine it with other materials. It is ideal for use on wood, cardboard, canvas, ceramics, tiles and glass. If you like the natural look of the paste, you can leave the work without painting or varnishing. After drying, the paste becomes waterproof, but it can be varnished for convenient care.

The main advantage of this paste is that it is very light and allows you to create large textured elements. In addition, it does not float on vertical surfaces after application.


Volume: 300 ml, weight: 230 g, height: 71 mm, diameter: 98 mm

Volume: 1 l, weight: 760 g, height: 122 mm, diameter: 133 mm

PURPOSE: for applying to wood, cardboard, canvas, ceramics, tiles, glass (for example, vases), metal and mineral (especially plaster) surfaces with a primer, as well as for creating various decorative relief coatings inside and outside the premises. Can be tinted with dry pigments and ART Kompozit acrylic paint (no more than 20%).

APPLICATION: Apply to a firm, clean, dry surface by any convenient method and immediately create the desired relief pattern using texturing tools, a brush or a palette knife. Opening time is about 15 minutes. After complete drying (1-24 hours, depending on layer thickness and conditions), the coating can be painted and painted.

STORAGE AND SAFETY: store in closed branded containers at temperatures from +5 to +30 °C. Protect from direct sunlight and heat. WARNING. Use by children is only possible under the supervision of an adult! Clean wet work tools of paste residues and immediately rinse with water (after drying, the paste becomes very stable).

GUARANTEED STORAGE PERIOD: 36 months from the date of manufacture.

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