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Professional acrylic paints ACRYL PRO Composite 75 ml / Pastel colors

Professional acrylic paints ACRYL PRO Composite 75 ml / Pastel colors

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High-quality artistic universal acrylic paint with excellent coverage. When a thick layer is applied, it does not crack, it creates a strong, extremely elastic and velvety film, resistant to the effects of water. For internal and external work. Color range: 91 (15 of them metallic, 6 fluorescent and 20 pastel). All colors are easily mixed with each other and combined with other Composite materials. Suitable for use in FLUID ART technology. It does not contain organic solvents, is hypoallergenic and does not have a strong smell.
Professional acrylic paint ACRYL PRO is made according to special formulas that contain high-quality pigments and additives that preserve all the smallest nuances of your masterpiece and extend its life. They do not fade or change color over time.
Volume: 75 ml, weight: 105 g, height: 145 mm, diameter: 54 mm
PURPOSE: for applying to canvas, wood, cardboard, ceramics, tiles, metal and mineral (especially plaster) surfaces with a primer inside and outside the premises.
For professional use as well as for beginners.
APPLICATION: mix the paint thoroughly before use, if necessary dilute with water (up to 10%). Apply to the surface in any convenient way and create the desired pattern using tools, a brush or a palette knife. Drying time: 1-2 hours, depending on layer thickness and conditions. If necessary, it can be covered with ART Kompozit acrylic varnish after 1 day. The recommended temperature for painting is from +10 to +20 °C, relative humidity up to 80%.
STORAGE AND SAFETY CONDITIONS: store and transport in the company's closed packaging at temperatures from +5 to +35 °C, in a place inaccessible to children. Protect from direct sunlight and heating devices. Use by children is only possible under the supervision of an adult! Clean wet work tools from paint residues without letting them dry and rinse thoroughly with water (in case of short breaks in work, the tools can be protected from drying out by wrapping them in a plastic bag). Packaging and product residues after drying are disposed of as construction waste.
GUARANTEED STORAGE PERIOD: 5 years from the date of manufacture.

- Water dispersion, odorless
- After drying, it forms a strong elastic film, does not crack over time
- Holds the texture well (HEAVY BODY)
- The finely dispersed structure of the paint allows work with an airbrush
- Suitable for use in FLUID ART technology
- Suitable for airbrush application
- Wide range of colors: 20
- All colors are easily mixed and combined with each other
- For internal and external work
- Safe for children's toys! (EN 71-3:2018. Test report No. 2813/21)
- Safe packaging! (EN 71-1:2018. Test report 1293-1294/22)
- It's not flammable! (EN 71-2: 2017. Test report 1293-1294/22)
- She's not toxic! (Conforms to ASTM D-4236)

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