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Dyes for textiles and leather MAMBO Kompozit 50 ml / Various shades

Dyes for textiles and leather MAMBO Kompozit 50 ml / Various shades

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  • Water dispersion, odorless
  • Suitable for light and dark fabrics (natural and synthetic)
  • It can be used on skin and skin replacement
  • Wide range of colors: 23
  • It does not crack, it forms a strong and extremely elastic film
  • All colors are easily mixed with each other
  • It can be applied with an airbrush
  • Safe for children's toys! (EN 71-3:2018 Test report No. 2814/21)

High-quality universal acrylic paint with excellent hiding power for various fabrics. It does not crack, it creates a strong and extremely elastic film, resistant to the effects of water. Color range: 36 (of which 9 with metallic effect, 4 fluorescent). All colors are easy to mix with each other. They have no smell and are well diluted with water.

Most popular for painting silk, cotton and synthetic fabrics. Also suitable for leather and leather replacement (make trial decorations). They are suitable for applying images with small dots and creating whole masterpieces. Spectacular panels, small napkins or original blouses can become an object of your pride. The technique of painting with acrylic paints is identical to painting with water colors or gouache.

Professional acrylic paint and MAMBO is made according to special formulas that contain high-quality pigments and additives that preserve all the smallest nuances of your masterpiece and extend its life. They do not fade or change color over time.


Volume: 50 ml, weight: 88 g, height: 71 mm, diameter: 42 mm

PURPOSE: for painting cotton and synthetic fabrics. When using on other types of fabrics, preliminary color testing is recommended.

APPLICATION: mix the paint thoroughly before use, if necessary dilute with water (up to 10%). The fabric must be pre-washed without conditioner, dried and ironed. It is recommended to fasten the fabric for easy drawing. For painting clothes, it is recommended to put thick paper inside to prevent the paint from seeping through to the opposite side of the product. You can apply an image to the fabric with a pencil or a special marker, and then use a brush, applicator or airbrush. A template can also be used. The color penetrates as much as possible into the structure of the fabric, thereby coloring the fibers and closing the structure of the product itself. Drying time: 30-60 minutes, depending on layer thickness and conditions. After 24 hours, it is necessary to fix the drawing with an iron (on the reverse side) for 5 minutes, without steam, in the mode of the appropriate type of fabric. Washing is possible only after 48 hours at a temperature of up to 40 °C in a gentle mode.

STORAGE AND SAFETY CONDITIONS: store and transport in the company's closed packaging at temperatures from +5 to +35 °C, in a place inaccessible to children. Protect from direct sunlight and heating devices. Use by children is only possible under the supervision of an adult! Clean wet work tools from paint residues without letting them dry and rinse thoroughly with water (in the case of short breaks in work, the tools can be protected from drying out by wrapping them in a plastic bag). Packaging and product residues after drying are disposed of as construction waste.

GUARANTEED STORAGE PERIOD: 36 months from the date of manufacture.

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